Sunday, September 2, 2012

Visit the National Arboretum, Canberra

Today, in the absence of hubby, I took the KTNTM to the National Arboretum to burn off some steam.  It was a beautiful 16 degrees, with piercing blue skies and a light wind to help us along.  The arboretum is situated to the west of Lake Burley Griffin, on a hillside that I believe was burnt out in the bad bushfires.  The area has been planted out to swathes of different species (including the notorious Wollemi Pine), and in a few years, the result will be nothing short of spectacular.  But for now, there are no pesky trees to impede ones views, and the views are immense. 

We made our own track up to the highest peak where a series of pines of the 'lone pine' variety stand.  The kids gathered pine cones and had a ball playing 'bowling' while I admired the views.  Lake Burley Griffin, Parliament House, Woden, the Molonglo Valley, Stromlo Observatory, Black Mountain and the Telstra Tower:  soaring 360 degree views. 

On our return we took the bitumen road which led us past a murky duck pond that kids eyed off for swimming. 

A perfect day and a perfect ACTivity.       

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