Friday, September 14, 2012

Visit John Knight Memorial Park

Today we went to John Knight Park at Belconnen, a place we have now visited several times.  Arguably one of the best family parks/playgrounds in Canberra, you too will visit again and again.

For kids there are two play areas, one fenced but a little too close to a pond, contains your typical slide and fort arrangement for littlies and a more challenging outfit for bigger kids with climbing zones.  A bit up the hill there is an awesome seated flying fox which is great for kids and adults alike! 

Further up the hill is what the KTNTM call "the wooden playground".  It is a multi-slide wooden fort combo that can occupy the kids for hours.

For adults there are plenty of park benches to make your own and a barbecue area with picnic tables, toilets etc. 

On the shores of Lake Ginninderra, a man-made watercourse rushes into the lake.  There is always plenty of birdlife on the lake, and in the depths of winter there were baby swans (swanlets?)  to be seen.  There is a bridge across to an island, the far side of which affords sunshine and expansive views across the lake and Belconnen centre.

The whole park is planted out to many trees, both deciduous and native, and plenty of shrubs in between.  The experience is one of calm, Austro-European ambience.  The whole area is sheltered, but quite shady so if you are going in Winter, go early.

A bike path weaves its away around the outer perimeter and you do have to make sure the kids do not wander out in front of speedy cyclists or joggers!

Other facilities in the area are basketball courts and a bmx/scooter park to the South. 

You can easily kill an hour or two at John Knight Park.

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