Friday, August 31, 2012

Move to Canberra

About 8 months ago, hubby and I packed up our worldy belongings (turns out it was a whole truckload of stuff), our two dogs and kids too numerous to mention (KTNTM).  

We followed the removal truck over 800 kilometres to reach our cosy little rental (CLR) in Canberra at 1am in the morning.  We offloaded kids and dogs and bedded down on the living room floor for the night. 

When daylight broke, excitement and chaos ensued.  The truck had to be unloaded and things put away.  The KTNTM helped by getting in the way of the removalists, asking for non-existent food and exploring their new backyard equipped with wooden cubby house.  I was thrilled to be continuing my life journey in beautfiul Canberra, where hubby had a new job.

On this blog I will document my experiences as a newcomer and mother in Canberra.  So far, Canberra has been awesome!

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