Sunday, November 11, 2012

Visit Lake Ginninderra, Western Shores

When the KTNTM (kids too numerous to mention) want to go for a swim, and we can't afford to go to an indoor pool, Lake Ginnindera's beaches beckon.

Situated at the foot of the Belconnen Mall, Lake Ginninderra is a popular place to visit for its picnic/BBQ areas, playgrounds, bike and walking tracks.  There is even a fenced dog park that you can take your furry pal to for loads of butt-sniffing, if this is what he is into.

On the Western Shores of the lake there is a playground suitable for smaller kids, a boat ramp, a flying fox, and climbing frame suitable for larger kids.  There are also several coves that are good for dog and human swimming alike.  The lake is really quite shallow in these areas, and fairly safe for kids who have water confidence.  Older kids can swim out to sun themselves on a floating diving platform. 

The lake is a bit slimy and yes, ducks poo in it, but it is currently safe for swimming.  Just encourage the little blighters not to put their face in it, or drink it, and all should be fine.

We took our non-swimming dogs for a walk on sunny Sunday, then let the kids strip off to their swimmers and after applying sunscreen, hop in for a paddle.

DH and I lazed under the shade of the tree while supervising the KTNTM, and for a moment life was beautiful.  The secret is to find a spot that is sunny and sheltered because the lake can be quite breezy, and the water freezing.

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